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Re: Hydra Dammit-

> Paul E. Turley wrote:

> So the question becomes, do I continue my all out war against Hydra tear
> down the tank and bleach all fixtures, KMnO4 dip all the plants etc., or
> do I just learn to live with it. 

Try adding a 3-spot Gourami (or Blue/Opaline/Lavender/Gold- any color 
variety of the same fish) or two instead-  the unappealing (to 
tank-keepers) inverts such as hydra and planaria are prime sushi for 
these fish.  They will graze the tank for these undesirables w/o stress 
and strain on your part.

Like any biological control, it is not overnight, and some may be nipped 
down such that enough is left to regenerate later, but if you keep them 
in a few weeks, your problem should disappear.  Other gouramis may do the 
same job, but 3-Spots are universal, cheap, not delicate, and will not 
lose their value at trade-in.