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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1082

> Well it finally happened.  After over five years of keeping a planted
> aquarium (at varying planted densities, from a plant or two to my
> current setup) but always being wary to Potassium permanganate dip all
> incoming plants, it has finally happened, I have Hydra.  I recently
> found a nice lush group attached front and center on the tank glass.
> The most likely (probable) source was on the Glass shrimp I recently
> added for a little invertebrate "color" and protein source for the
> larger Tatia catfish. I'm not sure why I overlooked these as a possible
> source, but I did!

Paul, don't be so quick to tear down a tank just because of hydra. 
Unless you're raising fry and are afraid of them being eaten, what's the
big deal?  I've had hydra in my 20 and 75 gallon tanks.  The hydra came
and went and I did nothing to try and medicate the tank.  I will make
one observation about the 20 gallon when I tore it down.  I had turned
off the filters and the water was stagnant for several days.  Things
like daphnia and hydra started to appear.  So, I thought that a little
circulation must help keep things like this in check.  It was a one-time
thing observation, but maybe there's something to it.


Kelly Beard, Cat IV (on sabbatical)
President, Allanti Cycling Club
Innovative Computing Corporation