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"Alysoun McLaughlin"s Emersed growth of Ozelot

I made extensive posts regarding these similar plants (marble queens) over
98'-99.  Go to the APD page and search "boukmn and marble and sword".  Now
I am working on Ozelot emergent growth.  I have found ozelots grow emersed
or submersed equally well, if the air above emergent leaves is too dry, you
won't see leaves shrivel.  Instead, the leaves will grow low; perhaps to be
closer to the water surface where humidity will be highest and short;
perhaps to minimize transpiration of water through bigger leaves.
	I learned from watching three baby plants I placed outdoors in a
1.5'-6"-2' tub with 4" of fertilized soil in a shady spot in Jan.  The
plants experienced limited growth for months till the humidity increases
exploded their growth. 

David Boukmn.