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Trouble with some plants:

Hi everyone,

I set up my new 70 Gal. aquarium just over three weeks ago and thanks
to some gravel from an old aquarium and also some used filter material
my tank has already fully cycled (or so my test kits tell me!)

I recently (7 days ago) purchased some Hygrophilia Polysperma and some
Blood Red Stricta and have the following questions:

The Hygro's leaves seems to be turning brownish at the top and the
leaves seem to be slightly deformed.  The tank has 3 x 36W flourescent
tubes (2 tritons and one ordinary aquarium tube)so I don't think that
this is a case of too much light....or is it....any ideas?

On the Blood Red Stricta my problem is that although I have two books
on aquarium plants they both fail to mention the Blood Red Stricta.  I
browsed through some of the archives of aquatic-plants and couldn't
find anything.  Can somebody give me some info on this plant?

Some more info:

Temperature (ambient) is +29degC so aquarium is usually at about

CO2 injection (compressed tank/regulator method)

PMDD 14 drops per day

pH 7.2 ; Kh 8; Gh 8; Phosphates low; 6 Neons; 6 Tiger Barbs; 2 plecos

Only gravel substrate with slow release fertiliser balls at regular 8"



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