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Hydra Dammit-What now?-a quick poll

Well it finally happened.  After over five years of keeping a planted
aquarium (at varying planted densities, from a plant or two to my
current setup) but always being wary to Potassium permanganate dip all
incoming plants, it has finally happened, I have Hydra.  I recently
found a nice lush group attached front and center on the tank glass.
The most likely (probable) source was on the Glass shrimp I recently
added for a little invertebrate "color" and protein source for the
larger Tatia catfish. I'm not sure why I overlooked these as a possible
source, but I did!
So the question becomes, do I continue my all out war against Hydra tear
down the tank and bleach all fixtures, KMnO4 dip all the plants etc., or
do I just learn to live with it.  After all the tank has a number of
small critters crawling around on the glass (rotifers, copepods, acorn
worms, etc.) that I did not introduce in the tank but arrived anyway.
So, how many of you have Hydra in your planted tanks?
How many of you take active steps to prevent it?
How many of you would tear a tank down to eliminate it? I'm already
planning this, I just wanted to poll everyone for feedback.
Paul E. Turley

"Never before in the history of man have so many known so little about
so much."   Carl Sagan