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New Parasite Medication

Hello all;

I am a list moderator on another mailing list called UniQuaria. One of our 
members is looking for evaluations on a new product that is manufactured by 
Chem-Marine. This product is called "Stop Parasites". This is a completely 
organic product made from plant extracts. The principle ingredient comes from 
Cyan Pepper. This product, along with it's closest competitor, had been 
written up in the Jan 99 issue of FAMA magazine. This has been found to be 
extremely effective in eliminating Ick and Flukes and creating a natural 
"slime"coat. Due to it's organic nature, much speculation has surfaced 
regarding it's benefits as a plant fertilizer. One thing can be said for sure 
is, when used in a planted aquarium the plants did not suffer as most other 
parasitic medications have an adverse effect on plants.

I proposed, to my co-member, to offer samples for testing and evaluations to 
any member of the APD. I expressed to him that the members of APD were the 
creme de la creme of the planted aquarium community. He is so confident in 
this product's capabilities, he was more than willing to oblige. A list of 
ingredients is available from the manufacturer. All he asks in return is an 
honest evaluation from all who put this product through it's paces.

If anyone would be willing to test Stop Parasites, please e-mail me off list. 
All I need is your mailing address and I will see to it that a test sample is 
sent out. If this product works as good he feels it will, an endorsement from 
APD and it's esteemed members would put an end to any and all doubters.

Thank you all
Tom Bates
Allentown, PA