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Re: Emersed growth of Ozelot

David Boukmn wrote:

> I would be very careful with your newly emersed ozelot. Down here in So.
> Florida, our sub-tropical high humidity is very forgiving to emergent
> swords. Maryland's climate may not allow you to do this for long. I would
> cover it with an inverted ten gal tank to simulate a green house to be

Thanks a lot, David.  I appreciate your helpful response...

I'm just doing this for aesthetics, so covering it with a ten gallon tank
isn't in the plan.  The fishroom window (a.k.a. dining room window) is the
current year-round plan, so if outdoors doesn't work, I can bring it in now.
I'm not interested in this as a scientific endeavor, though... if it doesn't
work, I'll plunk it into a tank to live out a happy, submersed life.

Right now, it's hot and muggy in Washington, D.C.  The plant is doing well
(the center leaves have grown from about .75" to about 1.5" since this
weekend), but this weather (fortunately or not) isn't going to last forever.

If the climate were too dry, would I get wilted leaves?  Or some other sign?

Does anyone have specific experience on this with an Ozelot?