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Re: Dolomite CO2

George wrote:
> Another thing that I would worry about in the dolomite/HCl CO2 generator
> is that hydrochloric acid is a GAS and, if its concentration is high
> enough, it readily comes out of solution. 
> So, it might happen, that you would be adding HCl, along with CO2, to
> your tank. Not an encouraging prospect.

I thought about this a while ago.  I think there is a simple solution to remove
any HCl from the CO2 that is going to your tank.  Just bubble the CO2 through
a second chamber containing water with some sodium bicarbonate.  As long
as the bubbles are fairly small, this will effectively scavenge the HCl.

Better yet, let someone else produce CO2 by the reaction of acid with 
limestone, and just bring it home in a bottle.  :)

David Ozenne
Fremont, CA