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Re: too much peat

hi thanks for the response.. acutally.. it's kinda a stupid mistake that i 
don't really want to say.. but i think i made the peat/soil layer around 1 
inch near the back and 1/2 inch near the front of my tank (totally by 
accident.. but i didn't realize it until i poured the rest of the gravel 
over it.. so what would you think would be my best solution.. my tank is 
heavily planted? would adding some heavy root feeders like Echinodorus sp. 
help? or how else could i stop the plants from suffocating>


Raymond Wong

>From: T Tran <zzttzz at hotmail_com>
>To: myapisto at hotmail_com
>Subject: too much peat
>Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 11:46:32 PDT
>soil turns anerobic and suffocates plants. But, and this is a big but, if 
>you have a lot of healty plants, a thick layer of peat will be helpful to 
>the plants. But (this is the but to the but), i'm growing my plants on 1/4 
>inch "supersoil" and gravel mix, so infact I'm really only using about 1/8 
>inch "supersoil" and it is more than enough.
>Depending on your area, too much NEW peat may excessively adicify water and 
>cause problems.
>Depending on specie of plants, peat may be to fine-grained and also 
>suffocate the plants in a tight packed glob.
>Why do you want thick peat anyway? I cannot think of too many benefits to 
>this. and with the benefits I can think of, the risks out-weigh them.
>Toan in San Diego
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