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CO2 Cylinders

	It seems that I was particularly lucky when it came to finding a
cheap source of CO2. If anybody is interested, please email me and I will
see what I can do about buying empty cylinders and sending them out. You
can get them filled locally for pretty cheap. I don't know how much it
would cost to send a big cylinder, but the smaller ones (5 lbs) should not
be too expensive. Also, this places sell reconditioned regulators for 25,
or 35 bucks. The 25-ers have one gauge, the 35's have two. Email me off
list if you are interested and I will give you an exact price. I know that
the 10lb cylinder filled is $53. I don't know what the empty one costs,
probably about 45. The 5 lbs are about $46 - anyway, they seem to be much
cheaper (even after shipping) than most people on this list have found. Let
me know. BTW, all these cylinders have a new pressure test stamp - they
won't need another for 5 years.

Alok Chaudhari
chaudhari.6 at osu_edu
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