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Crypt question & Disappearing bottom feeders

Hi All,
      I just bought what I think I've correctly identified as a
Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Tropica' - it has slender, red, jagged(much like java
fern) leaves. I was just wondering what kind of requirements it has as I
was unable to find much substantial information. It is currently sitting a
little bit in the shadow of an Amazon Sword and a massive Java Fern(20G
high w/60W for 12hrs/day). This should be enough light shouldn't it? I also
use 20-10-5 fertilizer tablets for the other plants and keep the pH around
6.5 and the water soft. Am I on the right track? I have heard of Crypts
getting diseases, namely "melting" so I would just like to avoid any problems. 

Next question: This 20G high tank has 4 juvenile(but getting bigger!) Kribs
and 1 true SAE(I've compared all the pictures of true/false SAE's). I have
had a problem of bottom feeders disappearing - 3 speckled cories and 1
flying fox, also an otto which recently disappeared. Does anyone know what
the problem could be? I test the water regularly and ammonia/nitrite are
undetectable and nitrate is very low. Could it be something I'm doing wrong
with the water, or is it something else?(water parameters are in previous
I would greatly appreciate any feedback on this as the algae and debris
tend to pick up when there is nothing there to eat it. I can provide
additional information if it is needed to answer the question. Thank you all.
Ryan Ingram
Davis, CA