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Acid+dolomite CO2 generator


Bob Dixon has on a couple occasions floated the idea that CO2 could be
generated by dripping hydrochloric acid over dolomite or limestone chips.
The last time this came up I commented that I considered the design a
few times and couldn't think of a practical way to do it without using a
dosing pump to feed the acid.  Gravity feed alone couldn't be used because
the acid would have to drip into a pressurized container.

This afternoon in my office (while enjoying a MicroSoft moment - i.e.
downtime) it suddenly occured to me how the method might be made to work.

If a a gas line is run from the pressurized reactor to the top of the acid
reservoir there will be equal pressures in the acid reservoir and at the
acid outlet.  That way gravity feed should work.

Of course, this will put some highly corrosive material under pressure,
with a chance for serious problems.  But, what the heck...

Roger Miller