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Where does the ammonia go?


I don't recall if these questions have been asked before, but where does 
the ammonia in chloramine go after it's locked up by Amquel and other 
dechlorinators that's made to handle chloramine?  Is it still available to 
the plants, although in a form that is not toxic to fish?  Does it 
eventually degrade back to toxic ammonia (assuming high pH, no plants and 
no biological filter)?

On a related question, my Aqua. Pharm.'s Dry-Tab ammonia test kit detected 
about 0.5 ppm of ammonia in my tap water, both before and after Mardel's 
MarChlor (sodium thiosulfate) is used.  My tap water has chloramine.  Is it 
correct to assume then that the test kit is able to detect the ammonia 
that's bound up in the chloramine?