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Emersed growth of Ozelot

Just an update...

I was asking a month or so ago about emersed growth of Echinodorus "ozelot".

The large ozelot in my 75 gallon tank had sent up three stalks, with a
number of young plantlets.  A few of them were growing emersed, and I'd
lifted one from the water level to see what happened.  The roots shriveled,
and did not appear to grow back... so I plunked it in a saucer on top of the
tank, and it regrew the roots.

I snipped it a few weeks ago, and stuck it in a wet saucer with soil and
gravel.  The outer leaves shriveled, but most of the plant was fine.  This
weekend, I put it outdoors in a mixed container with a few other plants (a
soil-filled container, with gravel on top, filled with water up to about
half an inch above the gravel) and it seems to be doing well.

It seems to be quite durable... it's adjusting to emersed life well, while
another plant (clipped from another stalk that was emersed) is growing quite
well submersed, in a tank that otherwise has been having algae troubles
(gets a lot of sunlight).

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland