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Medication, Camallanus spp.

Morten Karlsen <> wrote: <<<<
Subject: Medication, Camallanus spp.
I've been recommended these two treatments:
Flubendazol (Flubenol, Flumoxal, Flumoxane) is based on Thiabendazole,
Levamisol (Concurat L)

Neither is available in Norway, ideas??>>>>>>

Piperazine is an older medication also reportedly effective 
on some nematode infections.
Paracide is a non-antibiotic medication reported as effective
over a wide spectrum of intestinal pathoges, but for which there 
is no documentation on the actual mechanism of action and
spectrum.  See some details at:  
It is available in some European countries (Germany, for example).
I used it in bare tanks with several philodendron roots with no 
visible effect on the plants (growing emerged).
Good luck

Dionigi Maladorno
dionigi.maladorno at roche_com
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