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Re: Neons

Toan writes:

<snip>>  As for the one inch 
>  rule, I figured total cell metabolism increases proportionally with mass 
>  (number of cells), not length. That is to say, 70 one inch neons <<< 1 
>  seventy inch catfish. Is my thinking flawed? 

No, and yes.  The 70 one inch neons certainly are a lo less boiload than a 
single 70 inch fish, but the one inch rule was designed around fish of three 
inches or less, as most neophytes tend to go for a lot of small fish rather 
than a few big ones.  The longer, wider, or taller a fish gets, the more 
inappropriate the rule becomes.  But for neons it works good.

>As for not having a test kit; 
>it is not because I cannot afford one, it is because I have never had the 
>need for one.

well, dude, you need one now.  Ammonia/nitrite/nitrate.  And the part about 2 
weeks without a water change not hurting-  If it is indeed ammonia, then your 
discus are REALLY hurting now.  Stay up late one night and change the water 
instead of doing the local dorm party.

Bob Dixon