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Re: OT: Neons dying

Is your tank cycled? How long has it been running? Last week, we got about 6 
juvenile neons. We have a cycled tank that has been running for a month, 
seeded with sponges/water from a cycled tank, with 3 albino cories. We 
removed the cories to an empty 10 gallon planted tank. It too has been 
running for two weeks with a seeded sponge/water. The tank for the neons are 
planted, good growth of algae, and we have soft acidic water: perfect set up 
for them. We added the 6 neons and one oto, no rise in ammonia/nitrites which 
were 0. They have been doing fine since, two had some frayed fins which have 
healed by now and growing back to normal: YAAAA!!!!! From what I have been 
reading on the web and getting emails from experienced aquarists with neons:

1. Neons are highly fragile and should never be added to an uncycled tank. Of 
course there is always the exception, but I wouldn't try it myself. There are 
hardier fish that can cycle a tank. 

2. Neons are still being caught wild. The shipping and fish stores stress 
them out: so some will die no matter how much you try to make a good home for 
them, which is unfortunate.

3. From the people who have emailed me and had the luck to breed them, they 
don't sell their broods. 

If anything I have written isn't true, please respond. I would like to know 
and would be happy to be critized. Oops! Hope that wasn't an invitation.

							The Lees
						DJ, P, and Mei