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Re: kuhli loaches to mix up gravel

>Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 13:34:45 EDT
>From: amelia e ricks <sparkit at juno_com>
>Subject: kuhlie loaches

>My lfs recently suggested kuhlie loaches to me for my 65 gal planted
>guppy tank as a good way to mix up the gravel.  Has anyone had experience
>with them in a heavily planted tank?  Will they eat my snails & shrimp
>like the other loaches?  Any experience/expertise would be greatly

Hello Amelia,

Kuhli loaches are very peaceful fish and they don't eat snails or shrimp.
Indeed they like to mix up and even burrow under the gravel, but if the
gravel is too big or too sharp, they will injure themselves! It is advised
that they are kept with (at least parts of) very fine soft substrate or sand. 
They like to crawl inbetween roots of the bigger plants, but they won't
uproot any plants. They will appreciate a heavily planted tank. 

Best regards,

Hugo Hoekstra