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dying neons

A lot of people may disagree with this but these are my personal
observations and it works very well for me so here goes.  I used to work
in a pet shop and I noticed that the neons we got in on tuesdays would
die over the next few days until there were maybe only as few as 40% of
what came in left. Yeah we sold quite a few, but like I said each
morning I would come into the store and find dead neons.  The tanks were
not overstocked and the aquarium water was well buffered and clean.  We
lost very few other fish, the most common disease I had to deal with was
receiving fish with ich already on them. So I noticed if you waited
about three or four days to buy neons they stood an excellent chance of
making it.  Now for the tetra nerd part.   Some of you may think this is
nerdy but I catch all my delicate fish this way and it works.  I use a
net with the mesh removed and a plastic bag wrapped around the frame and
filled with water from the tank.  I chase the neons into the bag with
another net. The neons never touch the air and those  delicate scales
never rub up against that coarse green mesh that seem to be the
predominant net in stores these days.  I collected neons while in Peru
and I used a net that was a combination plastic bag and mesh.
  Most of them lived except for the few I caught one day when I left my
special net on the boat, and used a net with only mesh.... they all died
within days of each other.  Is this scientific ...nope...but its worth a
try....and if you go to the store to buy neons, rummynoses or cardinals I
would use this method and wait several days after the store received the
shipment to purchase your stock.