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Re: CO2 Cylinders - Rent or Buy???

Shannon Wheeler was recently wondering about CO2 cylinders. Dave G.
suggested that she rent rather than buy one (if she can locate a rental
source in here area, of course...)

One thing to keep in mind is that if you rent the cylinder, it remains the
property of the company you rent it from. And THEY are the ones responsible
for keeping up the certification on the bottle. Whenever they give you a
refill, they are actually swapping cylinders, giving you a different bottle
which contains a full load of gas in return for your empty cylinder.
Whenever a cylinder requires re-testing/re-certification, THEY do it and
build the cost into their overall "cost of doing business". If YOU go buy
your OWN cylinder, you might be without CO2 for a few hours to a few days,
depending upon how long it will take the company to refill your cylinder.
And, when it requires re-testing/re-certification, YOU will have to arrange
for it to be done and pay for it.

Shannon was also doubting being able to obtain a local supplier of either
gas or cylinders. BOC Gases has offices in Winnipeg, Manitoba; Regina,
Saskatoon and Lloydminister in Saskatchewan; Calgary, Edmonton, Fort
McMurray and Nisku, in Alberta; and Vancouver and Vernon in B.C. They DO
deliver, although you might have to order multiple bottles to make it cost
effective (depends on how many set-ups you have running I guess. I believe
that Shannon mentioned that she lived quite a distance from a major center,
so it would make sense to have a spare bottle or two around, if it can be

Another source would be to go to any bar or restaurant that sells fountain
pop (Pepsi, Coke, etc.). Most places use CO2 cylinders to carbonate the pop
on the spot - THEY have to get the cylinders from someone - ask them if
there is a local source or alternatively, if they will rent you one of THEIR

Where there is a will, there is surely a way.

James Purchase