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Re: Angry Tech junkies

Scott wrote:
>Subject: Re: Angry Tech junkies
>I just love fanatcism! It always makes for lively debate :-) Try not to
>get bent
>out of shape though. As for ridiculous expense, as far as my wife goes any
>I spend on a fish tank is reidiculous! <big snip>
>it. I'm careful though, so maybe that is why. Feel free to keep flaming, but
>I feel bad that you are getting angry. We can all get along and I even use your
>high-tech theories occasionally in my own low tech way.

Woah! Scott... no one was angry and I didn't see a single flame. I don't
see how you could read that into the replies that were made. Folks were
just pointing out that though a pressurized system "seems" expensive it
really isn't and is worth the money. No one minds that you want to use or
enjoy a DIY system. I use both and sure wish I had more pressurized systems
for all the reasons mentioned. I never understand why folks think a
one-time expense for something really useful is "expensive". Even if it
costs $500, once you own it, it's yours for many, many years and will give
you those years of use and enjoyment. As for spouses that attack
expenditures on plant/fish equipment... well... I think they should be damn
glad their spouse has such a nice, benign hobby... After all you could be
out playing poker, or shooting pool, or spending money at the race track.
(Not that there is anything wrong with *any* of those things. Live and let
live, I say.) He/she should be *very happy* that you are home with him/her
messing with your tanks.

Olga in Vancouver
with a spouse who "likes" my hobby, and a job that doesn't pay big bucks
(but I'd still buy another CO2 system... if only I had room to set it up.)