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Re: Are "Liteway" shoplights any good?

>Can you elaborate a bit ? You mean that they come with no ballast
>but you have to add one, right ? Otherwise how a fluorescent tube
>would work ? I'm interested in shoplights or any other type of
>fluorescent-holding fixture that is sold with no ballast, so I
>can add my own high quality electronic ballast without having to
>throw away whatever ballast comes in the fixture.
>- -Ivo Busko

	I misspoke; because the Liteway ballast device is so very basic I assumed
I would create a false impression about what it looked like
(familiar-userfrendly-replacable-magnetic "brick") by calling this
glorified capacitor a ballast.  No matter, you guys caught on. However,
since nobody has yet said otherwise, can I assume keeping this tiny
"ballasts" will have no deleterious effects on bulb life or light intensity
compared to replacing them with traditional magnetic "brick" ballasts?  

	They are attractive, light(mass), bulbs are close, 6' outlet wire/three
pronged plug and its reflector surrounds the bulb, minimizing side light
leakage. They also ignite instantly! You don't have to whack 'em to start
them in the morning. Yet at $9.59 each, there must be a catch.

~David Boukmn.