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Re: Are "Liteway" shoplights any good ?

>From: "Shawn T. Rutledge" <rutledge at cx47646-a_phnx1.az.home.com>
>I think I'm going to try
>to feed CO2 from a yeast bottle into the intake of the filter.  No ego
>yet about having to try hard-to-grow plants so will probably start with
>Java moss/ferns and easy stuff like that.  Still trying to decide whether
>to use plain gravel or use some kind of clay-like additive, and what to get
>for first fish etc.  I'm in Phoenix so the temperatures are high (I need
>warm-water fish and plants because the house could sometimes get as hot as
>the 80's or 90's while I'm gone to work; I could control that a little
>better if necessary) and the water is a little hard and alkaline but not
>extremely so (when I refilled my pool last year, the water was not as hard

Ack! You're in Phoenix and you have a pool? Wow, you must have lots of
freely available water, eh?

>Should I bother with Stress Zyme in a planted tank, or is getting the
>bacteria going quickly just not important because of the plants?

No. Most of us are still waiting for evidence that the bottled bacteria do
anything useful. If it's bottled 'enzymes' (from the sound of the name)
there's hope that these are more useful than the bacterias have been but I
don't think there's any supporting evidence for that yet either.