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Please help--NEONS dropping like flies!

> T Tran <zzttzz at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Subject: Please help--NEONS dropping like flies!
> Recently (5 days ago), I bought about 70 "jumbo" neons tetras form
> PetsMart. 
> Just today, I came home to a tank that has about 45 or so left.
> 60 gallons
> 82-85 F
> aquaclear 200
> 2 ebo jaager 200 watt heater
> moderately planted (about half the tank)
> fishes:
> neons < 50 (going down)
> 3 discus
> 2 false SAE
> 6 shrimps
> I'm planning on buying some amquel tomorrow and doubling the dosage. I've 
> cut the feedings for the now. I cannot do a water change(..)>>>>>
> Neons are not suitable companions for discus, since they need way 
> cooler water.  In addition, fish bought in some of these big stores
> are not very healthy, because they come from overcrowded tanks,
> infected central filtration systems, etc. That's why they have these
> return
> policies. The situation is further
> complicated by the fact that you say you have no time for water changes
> (so why buy now?).
> In my opinion the only option you have is to move the neons to a 
> cooler tank (mid '70s), or return them to the store.  All new fishes
> should be
> quarantined before introduction in a community tank.
> Dionigi Maladorno
> dionigi.maladorno at roche_com
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