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Re: Sigh, Wonderlites

 Erik Olson wrote:


> Regarding the heat issue, *all* bulbs generate mostly heat.  You just more
> than doubled your wattage; I'd expect the heat waste to go up.  There's
> another article I clipped from this forum a few years back that basically
> states that most of the energy in *any* bulb goes into heat, so whether
> this be 160 watts fluorescent, incandescent, etc, only a small percentage
> is actually converted into visable light output... just that fluorescent
> and gas discharge lamps have four times as much of that small percentage.
> Any of the lighting guys have actual numbers for this? 5%? 1%?  0.1%?  
> The reason you don't feel it with fluorescent tubes is that it's
> distributed across the entire tube rather than in one tiny spot like MH or
> MV bulbs.
>   - Erik

A couple months ago I posted data on fluorescent tubes in


The sort of calculation I did enabled me to compute true efficiencies
for all tubes for which we have both lumen output and spectrum. Typical
values range in between 20 - 30 percent. That is, 70 - 80 percent of
whatever watts you throw in, you get in the form of heat, not light.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD