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Please help--NEONS dropping like flies!

Recently (5 days ago), I bought about 70 "jumbo" neons tetras form PetsMart. 
Just today, I came home to a tank that has about 45 or so left. My brother 
says that they have been dying one after another all day long. Within the 
last few hours, I've remove about 5 of them. I dunno the pH--I dont have a 
test kit--I never have had to test before. That is, I can tell pretty much 
by how my fishes look whether they are stressed, and besides, I haven't had 
stressed fish in the last four years or so, let alone something dying on me. 
Ive have never had neons before, however.


60 gallons
82-85 F
aquaclear 200
2 ebo jaager 200 watt heater
moderately planted (about half the tank)


neons < 50 (going down)
3 discus
2 false SAE
6 shrimps

I'm planning on buying some amquel tomorrow and doubling the dosage. I've 
cut the feedings for the now. I cannot do a water change--water here is very 
hard and alkaline; I'd probably do more damage if I change the water now and 
I cannot afford to buy water. (also, I'd have to change water slowly to 
minimize shock and I don't have the time right now. I have finals next week)

While the neons have a 30 days on them, I still am very bothered by their 
deaths. I will be taking the dead ones back to get them replaced. Any advice 
is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. Any ideas, any hypothesis, any 
theories, anything.

Smiles (faint smile),

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