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comments on water analysis

Hello all,

I got a water analysis from the water company, and I would like your
comments on it, especially in relation to keeping aquatic plants, what
is already sufficiently available and what not? I guess iron is low.

Physical-chemical parameters

average temperature          ░Celcius  11,5
dissolved oxygen             mg/l O2   10,0
turbidity factor             FTE       0,13
                             pH        7,25
satiation index              Sl        0,06
rest ▀ activity              Bq/l       <1
conductivity by 20░ Celcius  mS/m       36
oxidizability with KMnO4     mg/l O2    0,6
UV-extinction 254 nm         m-1        2,6

Anorganic parameters

hydrogencarbonate         mg/l HCO3   116
CO2                       mg/l CO2    2,4
aggressive carbonic acid  mg/l CO2   <0,5
Chloride                  mg/l Cl     46
Sulphate                  mg/l SO4    37
Sodium                    mg/l Na     22
Potassium                 mg/l K      1,2
Calcium                   mg/l Ca     50
Magnesium                 mg/l Mg     3,6
Total hardness            mmol/l      1,4
                          ░DH         7,8
Ammonium                  mg/l NH4   <0,01
Nitrogen                  mg/l NO2   <0,02
Nitrate                   mg/l NO3    0,2
Orthophosphate            mg/l PO4    0,03
Silicic acid              mg/l Si     6,5
Iron                      mg/l Fe     0,02
Manganese                 mg/l Mn    <0,01

Am I right in the assumption that the KH is 1?
According to the water company the amount of chloride is neglectible,
but seems high against the maximum of 150 mg/l that the law permits...? 

Also on a side note I read here law doesn't permit a pH lower than 7. Why
is that, is there something wrong with drinking acidic water?
Thanks ! 

Best regards,

Hugo Hoekstra