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Re:Liteway Fixtures

Ivo writes:

>> attractive enough even w/o a wooden hood. But, they have no ballast.


>Can you elaborate a bit ? You mean that they come with no ballast
>but you have to add one, right ? Otherwise how a fluorescent tube
>would work ? I'm interested in shoplights or any other type of
>fluorescent-holding fixture that is sold with no ballast, so I
>can add my own high quality electronic ballast without having to
>throw away whatever ballast comes in the fixture.
Actually, they come with a little electronic ballast that isn't the best in 
the world.  I think part of the ballast is a small plastic square and the 
other part is built into the bulb holder.  It is really cheap, but it works.  
To replace the ballast I think you also may have to replace the endcaps.  But 
the system itself is not too bad for standard bulbs.  I have one that I am 
going to try running Philips f40/T-10 50AX bulbs in.  If I get a reasonable 
life out of the bulbs, I will use it again.  Otherwise, it will have been an 
experiment failed.

Bob Dixon