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Re: Angry Tech junkies

I just love fanatcism! It always makes for lively debate :-) Try not to get bent
out of shape though. As for ridiculous expense, as far as my wife goes any money
I spend on a fish tank is reidiculous! If you cant identify with that, then
I congratulate you on your wonderfully understanding wife/husband/signifigant
other! Also the smiling face at the end of a line means that something is intended
in humor, not laughing at you. My fish hobby is 100% self-financed, I put no
new money into it and constantly get new things, so please don't insult my economic
sense. No, I don't have money for a CO2 bottle, or inclination to spend money
on one. I am fairly poor and if I save that many pennies I send them to bill
collectors :-) I do not run constant CO2 and so far have found no plants that
I can't keep. Some don't grow explosively (like my annubias which are slow anyway),
but all are healthy. I respect that all the chemistry and testing and dosing
and spending that you all do produces WONDERFUL results, but since you haven't
seen my tank don't assume that it is not beautiful too. I never test water parameters
and only change water when I feel the urge. My fish spawn and raise fry, and
my plants propagate enough that I throw some away. This meets my goals. I do
enjoy tinkering with the DIY CO2, and have never suffered any loss or mess from
it. I'm careful though, so maybe that is why. Feel free to keep flaming, but
I feel bad that you are getting angry. We can all get along and I even use your
high-tech theories occasionally in my own low tech way.

Scott, the penny-pinching miser from Indiana

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