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more hydroponic questions...

In hydroponics, the plants, (planted in some medium like rockwool or gravel)
are watered several times per day and the excess water is allowed to drain
away (back to a reservoir). The water thereby draws oxygen (well, air
really) into the roots along with the water itself and fertilizer (usually
mixed with the water). The roots are not left constantly emersed in water
apparently because they would rot.

I'm wondering about growing plants with their roots constantly emersed in an
aquarium where the water is constantly moving. If this will work OK, should
the roots be in a pot of gravel/rockwool or just dangling in the tank
(aesthetic considerations aside)?

Do any of you know about the CO2 generators that are available for
greenhouses? They basically just burn propane or other fuel to create CO2 on
a large scale. Are there any small-scale versions of these that would work
for aquariums? I'm having trouble finding anyone who'll sell me a CO2 bottle
up in these parts. I can rent a 20lb bottle (or larger) but I'd prefer to
buy. I can buy the 9oz bottles used for 'paintball'. Either way, I can't get
them filled locally either. I have to send them to Edmonton (5 hour drive)
where apparently they have to be hydro-tested each time as well.

I know all about DIY CO2 (yeast & sugar). Everyone seems to think that this
is cheaper but I think that in the long run the sugar will cost more than
bottled CO2. Unless you're capturing CO2 from your homebrew beer or wine so
that you're getting two products from the sugar...