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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1067

Michael Eckardt wrote:
> > > Moishe wonders about Wonderlites:
> > >
> > > I have had Wonderlites, 2x 160W over a 60 gall tank.
> > > I would go the other way than Eric - instead of too much light, the tank
> > > received too little light  - perhaps not absolutely, but definitely
> > > relatively to the previous set up. Also, the Wonderlites put out a lot
> of
> >
> > Hmmm...  too much???  Explain...  Do you mean that 160w is all heat and
> > maybe half of it is output???
> Too LITTLE light RELATIVELY to your previous higher light setup. And yes,
> the
> efficiency is lousy! A watt of Wonderlite is NOT equal to a watt of
> flourescent. There
> is a tremendous heat loss.  Plus, I bet you're losing a lot of light because
> I have not found a fixture that holds these bulbs and focus the light into
> the tank.

I thought so.  So these wonderlites aren't worth anything really.  Eric
take note.  Two complaints already.  Sorry but the article on your site
is misleading.  You only present one view.  Can you please include our
views on Westron Wonderlites to discourage others from using them?

> > That seems more sensible then Eric's
> > explanation because I tried just one bulb but it did'nt help.  Indeed
> > the temperature went up, but a large fan cooled the bulbs down.  End
> > result?  Temperature of about 80.
> >
> > > heat. If the bulbs are 5" above the water, your temperature could have
> gone
> > > up by quite a few degrees. That would have increase the plant
> metabolism,
> > > nutrient requirements, etc, etc.
> > > Theorizing in Ontario...
> >
> > Vote Liberal.
> Dalton don't cut it. :-)
> Mike
And Howard Hampton does???  Mike Harris is not an option for me.  Bad
experiences w/him.  Quote:"Your gonna have one mean mad Mike Harris"!!! 
Yes Dalton, we have had one mean mad Harris.  Time for McGuinty power.