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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1067

>Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 11:14:54 +400
>From: relli at aye_net
>Subject: Re: exploding bottles
>This is the only good argument for those ridiculously expensive CO2
>systems that you high-tech junkies use ;-)

1-5 lb. CO2 cylinder full- $58
1-Victor Regulator- $50
1-ARO NO1 needle valve- $12
1-ARO CAT33P 012 D solenoid- $24
Assorted NPT fittings- $5
TOTAL- $149

Partner, if $149 is "ridiculously" expensive for an automatic, reliable CO2
delivery system, particularly when you do not have to involve yourself in
5th grade type science experiments, then you:

a) have never bothered to price out a system YOU put together and are
basing your opinion on specialty manufacturers/retailers (Dupla, Ultralife
Reef, etc.)

b)are subject to hyperbole

c)haven't a clue as to manufacturing costs/profit margin

d)need another job and/or should save your pennies as many of us have...

e)may call me RIDICULOUS to my dying day

f)actually enjoy having to play around with yeast, sugar, etc.

Personally, I find that DIY fermentation is a ridiculous pain in the arse.
More power to those of you who can stick with it. I could not.

Best Regards,
Ed O'Briant