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RE:Ridgid bottles/CO2 yeast

OK, I meant to say use ridgid bottles for CO2 yeast generators because
they will not collapse and they are harder to knock over(Like if you
happen to own a cat.....or perhaps the cat owns you. This question I'm
not quite sure of<G>) or basically safer for this tank.By "Ridgid" I
mean like plastic juice bottles with the thicker plastic that are very
hard to bend with your hand. The suction created by a pump will collapse
the common 2-liter soda bottle. This issue can be remedied by feeding
the CO2 without suction but I and others out there on the list have
gotton a tank full of yeast due the flexible 2 liter bottles. It is a
disaster if there ever was one.Using a ridgid bottle will prevent
collapse if you prefer using the suction method or any method using
postive or negative pressure.
      Or perhaps using a solinoid to stop gas flow = equals exploding
broth all over, often in the tank where it multiplies causing havoc. A
knocked over bottle of broth can cause a sudden increse in pressure(due
to being shaken) and push the broth up into the tank thru the feed line.
There are many ways to cause
problems.................................Using a ridgid bottle will help
prevent some of these nightmares for new folks and old folks alike.
Hope this clears things up some.
Tom Barr          AGA