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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1067

> Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 08:50:18 -0400
> From: Michael Eckardt <mike at odg_com>
> Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1065
> Moishe wonders about Wonderlites:
> I have had Wonderlites, 2x 160W over a 60 gall tank.
> I would go the other way than Eric - instead of too much light, the tank
> received too little light  - perhaps not absolutely, but definitely
> relatively to the previous set up. Also, the Wonderlites put out a lot of

Hmmm...  too much???  Explain...  Do you mean that 160w is all heat and
maybe half of it is output???  That seems more sensible then Eric's
explanation because I tried just one bulb but it did'nt help.  Indeed
the temperature went up, but a large fan cooled the bulbs down.  End
result?  Temperature of about 80. 

> heat. If the bulbs are 5" above the water, your temperature could have gone
> up by quite a few degrees. That would have increase the plant metabolism,
> nutrient requirements, etc, etc.
> Theorizing in Ontario...

Vote Liberal.

> Michael Eckardt