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CO2 cost

At 03:48 PM 6/2/99 -0400, Scott opined:
> those ridiculously expensive CO2 systems that you high-tech junkies use ;-)

OK, let's analyse it.

Pressurized tank:  Cost for setup:  $100 20# tank, $80 high-pressure
system, cost $180, lasts about 20 years (1 2mm bubble per second).  Add in
labor at minimum wage of $5/hour, 1 hour per year, total cost $14 per year.

DIY CO2:  Cost for setup $30 (for reactor, same price as above, all the
rest is counted as free).  Yeast $.15 per week, sugar $.15 per week, labor
5 minutes per week (all figured on biweekly restarts).  Cost per

Now which system is cheaper?   And will YOU work for minimum wage after the
first year of washing out CO2 bottles?  And if you didn't even charge for
labor, which system would be cheaper?  

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