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Extra Java Moss

Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 Jamie <jjirons at greenwood_net> wrote.....
Subject: Java moss

Hello all,

I am happy to report that I have Java moss growing out my ears. I've got it
in three tanks now, tied to everything. It sure has helped keep the NO3
down in the tanks........and now have enough to share..............<snip>

Hey Jamie,

I was saving some in a aquarium on my deck for a new 125g I am setting up
and dam if I didn't catch a big BlueJay stealing it!  All but a small
remnant is left.....I'll take some if you still have it left.  There's got
to be  one BlueJay nest that is unique out there.  Well I guess it went to a
good cause :(  I don't know maybe they eat it, like spinach!

Drop me a message off line and THANKS!

Tom Brennan
90F in VA/DC now, here we go another scorcher!