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Re: exploding bottles

I have two 2 liter pop bottles that I have been using for nearly 2 years for
DIY CO2. I have never had any problem at all. As far as rupture goes, if you
are using silicon to seal the tube in the bottle-top it wll give before the
bottle ever does. As MiamiBob pointed out on another list he and I are on, that
stuff doesnt adhere to plastic very well. Collapsing is another matter, you
are playing with fire if the outlet of the tubing is ran into any filter intake.
The water drawn past the end of the tube can suck the air (and liquid nastiness)
out of the reactor if the end of the tube is turned such that the flow of water
is even nearly perpindicular to the tube opening. If the suction is strong then
it doesnt matter what kind of plastic bottle it is, you are going to have a
mess :-) This is the only good argument for those ridiculously expensive CO2
systems that you high-tech junkies use ;-)


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