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Re: Calcium Chloride

Bob Dixon wants some explanation on CaCl2:
> George S. writes:
> > Calcium chloride works well, but will acidify your water.

Not so, As stated from Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary.
'All forms soluble in water and alcohol, water solution is neutral or
slightly alkaline'.

I make a 50% solution of CaCl2.2H2O (fw 147.02), for a Ca conc. 
of 136,300 mg/L. From there I add what I need, which is hardly ever 
over 3 or 4 ml for a 55L water column (only 1ml for 25% water 
changes). I keep my Ca level around 30 mg/L. It does nothing to 
my pH values. For those worried about the chloride, for every 10 
mg/L of Ca, you get 18 mg/L chloride, which I feel is pretty 
negligable. It's never caused me any problems. Hope that helps.

Jamie Johnson
Greenwood, SC
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