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RE: Has anybody had "exploding" 2-liter pop bottles?

	Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 11:39:03 -0700
	From: "David Robinson" <robinson at ichips_intel.com>
	Subject: Has anybody had "exploding" 2-liter pop bottles?

	Several digests ago (1054) while discussing DIY yeast reactors,
	Tom Barr wrote:
	> Be sure to use a ridged bottle !!!!!!!!!! Not a flimsy 2 liter
	> pop bottle. You'll be very sorry if ya don't! Noncollapsable
	> bottles are the way to go using yeast.

	I had a problem with a 2 liter bottle.  I ran the air line to a
sponge filter with a power head.  For some reason the power head
collapsed the 2 liter bottle and filled the tank with yeast.  About half
of the plants and fish died.  I'm still using 2 liter bottles but I'm
making sure that the CO2 outlet is not too close to the inlet of the
power head.