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Has anybody had "exploding" 2-liter pop bottles?

Several digests ago (1054) while discussing DIY yeast reactors,
Tom Barr wrote:
> Be sure to use a ridged bottle !!!!!!!!!! Not a flimsy 2 liter
> pop bottle. You'll be very sorry if ya don't! Noncollapsable
> bottles are the way to go using yeast.

I just wanted to clarify... what is the definition of a "rigid"
bottle?  In the past, I've used standard 2-liter pop bottles
without any troubles.  I consider these rigid because they hold
their form when empty.  However, since they are made of plastic
they are easily collapsable if you squeeze them.  Are these the
ones that are not recommended?

If so, has anyone had any experiences where these bottles

"Standard" 2-liter pop bottles (I can only speak for those that
I'm familiar with in the US) are designed to hold up under
pressure since pop is pressurized.  A DIY yeast reactor should
be very low pressure (only the amount of pressure required to
equilize at the depth the output is placed in the aquarium +
any backpressure that might exist depending on your setup).

So, I wouldn't think these would be a problem.  I'd like to know
if my thinking is flawed and I've been waiting for a disaster
to happen.

(BTW: I've even carbonated hard cider in plastic pop bottles
without any problem... surely this is much higher pressure
than a DIY yeast reactor!)

David Robinson