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RO water and hair algae

HELP!!  I've recently purchased an RO unit and have used only RO water
to make 30% changes in my 120 gallon tank for the last 8 weeks.  Since
starting this, hair algae has started to grow  very strongly.  I am
fertilizing the same amount as I was doing before starting the RO water
- not enough I think since the Hygro is showing signs of malnutrition,
although 3 large Amazon swords continue to grow well.  I use RO-Rite on
the water - per instructions.  The crypt wendtii are melting
intermittently.  I have 6 x 40 watt 5400K tubes and 2 28 watt power
compacts. The tank  has been set up about 8 months, and seemed to be
more stable with much less algae before I started the RO water.

Nitrates are virtually zero (<2.0 mg/l)
Phosphates less than .2ppm
Ammonium / nitrites 0,
GH 8 deg
KH 1 deg
CO2 injection
Fish load is around 60" of small tetras, ottos, ameca splendens,
bristle-nose cats

I understand that algae thrives on phosphates and nitrates, which are
very low.  So why is it doing so well?

Thanks for any suggestions

Peter Elson