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Re: Dave Gomberg's CO2 Calculations

Thank you for your wonderful answer.  Good thing you came back from the
Amazon intact.  Who else could have given me such a precise response!!!!!
Love it!!  No lifting, no carrying for years!!

This 4500 litres at room temperature might explain why I was having a bit of
trouble in the breathing department at night while the gas was leaking out
for 3 weeks!!  My plants loved it though.

G. Kadar

Dave Gomberg wrote:

A 20 pound cylinder holds about 9000 grams of CO2, which is about 4500
liters at room temperature and normal (atmospheric) pressure.  32 bubbles
(depending on bubble size) a minute is about 2ml per minute, 120 ml per
hour, 2.8L/day, so you have about a 1600 day supply.   Enjoy!   Compressed