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Advise with sump setup

First off let me state that this prefilter/sump set up is not intended for
the purpose of filtration.  I just have a very strong desire to remove all
my equipment (heater, Co2 reactor....) from my tank, and honestly I love to

Tank size: 50 gallon 48x17x13 (approximately)


-Will a 5 1/2 gallon tank be too small for a sump?  A 10 gallon will not
fit under my DIY stand.

-Any suggestions for a water pump?  I was eye-balling the Supreme Mag Drive
Pumps but was unable to find any user opinions online.

-I would like to split the sump return into two spray bars located, in the
tank, at gravel level.  My concern with this is, in the event of a
power/pump failure the contents of the tank will do a number on my
landlords nice 100+ year old hardwood floors!!!  I have come across two
possible solutions to this problem.  The first is mentioned in Eric Olson's
"That Darn Plant Tank" article. He/you mention a "combo check valve +
antisiphon system".  More details on this system would be appreciated.  The
second suggestion was gathered from the rec.aquaria.tech newsgroup.  Some
one suggested cutting a hole in the return tube just below the water level
to break the siphon in the event of pump/power loss.

All this research into setting up a plant tank sump to house my equipment
has made me wonder if one could modify a Fluval (don't go there) canister
filter to do the same?  Remove the filter baskets and instead house a Co2
reactor, a small power head to drive the reactor and a heater.  Drill and
seal some holes in the canister to accommodate the Co2 air line and the
electrical cords and voila(sp) a high-tech-plant-tank canister filter

All suggestions, insights and advice will be gratefully appreciated.
Please feel free to respond directly.

Jim Wilson
freaks at aracnet_com
Portland, Oregon