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RE: Hydroponic Plant Food (long)

Mr. Purchase wrote:

"PMDD can work very well - IF you know what you are doing. If you DON'T know
what you are doing, it is better to stick with commercial preparations which
are designed for aquariums."

The trouble is, commercial preparations that don't disclose ingredients
leave you in a state of perpetually never knowing what you are doing,
whether you think you do or not.  I moved quickly to PMDD to overcome that
commercially enforced state of ignorance.  At the time I didn't know any
more about what I was doing than what I gleaned from the Sears-Conlin paper.
Plant fertilizer is really simple stuff once you know what is in each
component of a fertilizer regime and why it is there.  But if you just add
"x number of drops per gallon" without any understanding, even the best
commercial concoctions will eventually fail you.  BTW, do snakes even HAVE
any oil???