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Re: nitrates in the water

Re: Kevin's tank

Since your tank is so newly set up, I strongly suggest that you do much more
frequent water changes - as in 10% every other day for a week and then level
off at 30% once per week.  A 30 gallon tank is not very big, so the amount
of work involved is not much.

When the tank is new, the plants are not fully established and are not
absorbing nutrients at the same rate they will later on.  Adding potassium
and magnesium is fine, but as you have noticed, it does not have a
substantial effect at this time.  In addition, some plants are not too
thrilled with being transplanted and will shed some leaves at this time,
contributing to the nitrates as well.  These include all of your swords.
Anubias are slow growers, so they won't ge absorbing too much either.

Your fish load is also awfully high for such a new tank.  Sorry, but that's
the truth.  High nitrate levels can have an adverse effect on your fish as
well.  So....

I used to think that CO2 is a big bother.  But, aside from mine leaking out
into the room (now a solved problem) it's as easy as pie.  After I write
this, I have to, I swear, take a small spade and dig out some plants that
are trying to take over the universe and do some major gardening.  Now
*that* is a drag!!

Good luck.