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thank you everyone

I would like to start off by thanking everyone for their responses. I really
appreciate you all taking the time to respond. I just visited the krib and
found a wealth of good knowledge there.  As to my tank I'm running a 75 gallon
tank.  Right now the set-up is as follows (so far so good, i'm haveing good
plant growth and most of the plants have good healthy color) 

6.8 Ph stable (tap comes out at 7.2), 80ppm total alk., no amonia,no nitrite,
10-15ppm nitrate. I've ordered a kh test kit, so as soon as I get it I'll let
ya'll know what that reading is.

4- 48" tubes (2 aqua-glo,1 power-glo,1 sun-glo)

2- Submerged DLS type filters with outflow directed down and to the side so
there is little to no surface agitation

1 3/4" to 2 1/4" inches black aquarium gravel (it's been used for 2 years,
it's got plenty of organic buildup in it)

A large gemmish of tropical fish. ranging from Congo tetras, to siamensis, to
gold barbs, to loaches, to corys, you get the idea. probably about 100 fish

Heavily planted tank. Jungle val,amazon sword,micro sword,chain sword,annubis
nana,red myriophyllium,cobomba,madagasgar lace,sunset
hygrophila,anacharis,wysteria,radican sword,java moss,horn wort,green
hygro,ludwigia,bannana plant, money wort, I'm sure I'm leaving something out
but you have an idea. (I know it's allot of different species but it actually
looks pretty good.. )

btw- i know some of these spellings are off, but it's late and i don't want to
look them up. they should be close enough though :)

I do a 25% water change weekly and supplement with pond care aquatic plant
stimulant double dose (nothing but trace elements no organic compounds)

any comments/suggestions about this tank? :)

thanks again,