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Fish disease with plants and shrimp

Hello everyone,
	I am not sure if I already made a post about the otos that I 
put in my tank that, unfortunately, were infested with ich. Anyway, I 
was wondering about plausible treatments for a plant tank that 
includes cardina japonica as well as numerous south american plants.
	Sort of on the same subject, I have 5 wild caught angels that 
so far have been unaffected by the ich. However, the smallest one 
seems to have a persistent irritation on his ventral fins. He eats 
well and the "stuff" on his fins seems to be loose and occaisionally 
it is not there. None of the other fish are affected. At first, I 
thought that he might be dragging his fins on the substrate and 
irritating them but now I think it is some sort of infection. Again, 
he does not seem to be ailing, but I am concerned about its 
progression, since his ventral fins are appearing shorter. Perhaps 
the irritation has only slowed their growth relative to the rest of 
his body. Nevertheless, he has presented this condition for about 2 
weeks now without any worsening or improvement, as far as I can tell. 
Any suggestions? Thanks. Sorry that this post is not really about 
plants, but any treatments for these problems would have to be 
compatible with plants and the shrimp so...