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High Nitrates

My tank has been up and running for a little more than a month. The 
problem i'm having is high nitrates. It started out at around 12ppm, but 
now is close to 50ppm. I'm not using any co2 because i didn't want the 
extra work, plus i don't mind having slow growth. I started adding 1\4 
tsp of kso4 and mgso4 daily to see if it will help the plants use up 
some of the no3. I noticed increased plant growth, but the no3 isn't 
coming down any.

Here are my tanks stats.

30 gal
60 watts of lighting
Flourite substrate
Temp 75
ph 7.9
ammo 0
nitrites 0
gh 9deg
kh 3deg
20% water change every two weeks
Very little algae

Fish load is 16 fish with the biggest being 4 inches.
Tiger barbs
Otto cats

Plants are:

Amazon Swords
Pygmy chain swords
Hygro Tropical sunset
melon sword
Italian Val
Rotala Indica 

I'm using a biowheel 30 for filtration. Is this my problem or do I have 
too heavy a fish load? I'm begining to wonder if my no3 test kit is 
reliable. It's made by tetra and isn't easy to use.

Thanks for any help.

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