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Algae on Riccia

In one of my tanks I seem to have a resurgence of hair algae.  I know why I
have algae in this tank and I am taking steps to eradicate it.  My question
is,  why has it attacked and only entangled/thriving on riccia?  I do have
an occasional algae threads captured/growing  within some stem plants that I
can easily pull out using a tooth-brush (this works great!), but no real
proliferation except on the riccia?   So you say, "Well the hair algae on
the stem plants is easily accessible and pulled out frequently and but not
so easy to extract from the compact riccia so it grows and appears to only
be thriving/attacking the riccia"  Maybe true but I though someone else may
comment.   By the way the riccia is growing well so it's not like some other
forms of algae which tend to attach themselves dying, decaying or otherwise
in less-fortunate shape leaves/plants?

Any thoughts on this?

Tom Brennan