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maintaining biological filt. in a whisper

I've got a few whisper filters and use them on planted and non-planted 
tanks.  On my 33 planted with 100w of t8 light and CO2 injected through 
the intake I've never had any problem just throwing out the filter 

On occasion I've been in the middle of a panic and needed to change the 
filter medium without loosing any biological filtration. In this case 
taken the new filter medium and slide it down behind the old one for a 
day or so, so that the fibre can be colonized.  This is a good point on 
this filter.

About the 'upset' of a planted tank from the changing of the filter 
medium, I think that unless a tank is precariously close to the edge and 
maybe even mismanaged would changing the medium be a problem.  
Especially with plants in the tank.  

I've got a 10 gal with 60 watts of t8 light in it, no filtration, no 
algae, 4 kribs and 10 zebra danios with a smattering of baby apple 
snails.  The tank probably is the easiest to maintain of anything I've 

Where's the guy who says that plants are the best filter, we all need a 

Colin Anderson
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